Our Mission

The Media Mentoring Project is the educational arm of Vermont Independent Media, publisher of The Commons. Through public programs, school-based initiatives, hands-on workshops, and collaborations with community groups, MMP seeks to support a regional culture of media literacy and civic engagement.

Social Media Influencer Marketing

Panel discussion with professional public relations and social media marketers who will talk about how social media influencers help
spread the word about what’s good. Watch the video here.

Social Media: The Age of Misinformation,
Disinformation, Mal-information

A panel discussion that goes behind the scenes of the mass media world
and explores how, as a citizen, good critical media literacy can lead to intelligent civic engagement. Watch the video here.

A Photo is Worth a Thousand Words

Photo journalists offer tips on the art of imagery and storytelling
supported by examples. Watch the video here.

Photo credit: Kris Radder.

School Initiatives

Media Mentoring Project is now partnering with school districts to help students integrate civics, literacy, journalism, critical thinking, and multimedia into unique expressions of their own voice.

Hands on Workshops

Media Mentoring Project sponsors an free ongoing workshop called
“Writing for Publication.” Here first-time and seasoned writers explore
how to develop an idea to “find your voice.” And there is the potential for completed pieces to be published in the Voices section of
The Commons.


Winner of BCTV Community Partner Award

Media Mentoring Project has been selected to receive the 2022 Community Partner of the Year award from BCTV for Zoom workshops on journalism and marketing

Media Mentoring is sponsored by Vermont Independent Media, publisher of The Commons

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